We strongly believe that consistency across all marketing channels is the best practice for building your brand and increasing revenue. Don’t send out mixed messages to your audience. 

We can consult on your advertising, develop a marketing plan for you, or serve as advisors for your in-house team.

Research is an important part of advertising. Are you speaking to the correct audience? Do you know who your competition is? Where they advertise? What they offer?

At Wrecking Ball, we identify your competition, dig deep into the details, and figure out your unique value proposition. We research until we have all the information necessary to position your company for success.

Branding should not be overlooked or under emphasized.  Always remember everything you put out there is a reflection of your company. The color you choose sends out a message of who you are. Your logo speaks to a specific audience. Your website reveals important information about your services. Don’t forget you are unique and have something that differentiates you from your competition. Make sure you get the point across with a consistent message, look and feel.

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